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New interesting game, both to individuals as well as for the whole group. The Hammer is a unique device which enables strength test of the strike in the anvil with heavy blacksmith hammer. Encouraging design, blinking RGB LEDs and light handy hammer grip are really attractive to the youngest customers. The hammer anvil illuminates in few shiny colours and children can’t miss it while passing by the machine. The hammer is equipped with modern matrix display. Both the device and the hammer grip are very light which is important not only during transport but also during operation. Original design, funny comments, sound and illumination effects encourages for play on the machine. "Hammer" can be used in many entertainment centres as well as bars and pubs. Interesting shape and graphics attract the customers and encourages them to test theirs own strength. The machine bewitch the customers with interesting look



  • Innovative look,
  • Powder painted (weather resistant),
  • Clear matrix type display,
  • State of the art electronic control,
  • Programmable electronic coin box,
  • Colour, illuminated graphic elements,
  • Many critical and funny sound messages informing about the punch strength,
  • Machine configuration system (setting record, setting the strength level percentage, credits counting, electronic counter),
  • Electronic auto diagnostics system,
  • Independent operating mechanical and electronic sensors,
  • Stable structure,
  • Full guarantee and post guarantee service,
  • European CE certificate,
  • GSM function,
  • Possibility of own advertisement, phone number or logo presentation on the display.


Technical parameters: Height: 2,00 m Length: 1,22 m Width: 1,04 m Weight: 130 kg

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